5.23.2014 / Live at Cascade Bar NY


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I think lobbies suck but I've never been payed by one to make an informed decision. 


Immigration, right now I'm just against what ever trump is for. 


People are smart but make rash designs when they are scared. I think there is a lot of fear mongering going on to scare people into there way of thinking. 


Taxes. It's a thing. Deal with it. The governments role is to help its people. Just think about it like you are donating to a non-profit. You get to fund things like roads and schools. And help in disaster relief in this country and all over the world. That's cool right, you are helping and you don't have to "help" at all. 


Health insurance, I have Obama care. The clinics that I go to are very nice. Just knowing I have insured helps. 




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